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We believe that by leveraging our extensive contracted partner base with our unique understanding of the power industry, we can deliver highly customized solutions that truly empower our customers’ energy future. We seek to improve the operations of each client, one at a time, such that collectively we may be able to improve the way power is produced, delivered, and used more efficiently.

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Our Value

Right Choice Energy offers customized energy solutions to fit the needs of all businesses. We have found that the combination of the following areas of focus has resulted in improved operations for our clients. That combination is different for every client and we have spent years developing our expertise in each such that the impact on our client’s future is a strongly positive one. With a 89% retention rate for renewals with existing clients, it must be working...


By offering several types of contracts such as fixed, index, and hybrid contracts, we allow our customers to decide the level of risk vs reward they are willing to take to accomplish their budgeting goals. Our goal will always be price protection to the client. We frequently employ long term solutions to hedge any variance in the price through commodity trading. Our customers enjoy the flexible options provided to them to make an educated decision.

Time Management

RCE will take the time to research multiple bids from our many providers, find the best price per KWH and determine the best terms and conditions to fit the needs of our customers. Also, having relationships with each provider allows us to negotiate flexible terms for our customers. It is this focus combined with our attention to detail, that gives RCE a competitive edge. Importantly, this gives our clients the time to focus on generating revenue while we focus on reducing expenses.

Strategic Planning

We provide expert advice on market condition, fluctuation, and historical fact to help clients decide if short term or long term contracts are right for their unique situation. The main focus is that the contract, regardless of term, will allow the company to grow or downsize without penalty. This requires the terms and conditions to be the best fit for the client, i.e. variance charges, adding/subtracting meters, payment terms, per meter charges, peak demand calculations, etc. Your unique strategic plans will help determine your contract terms and conditions. Historically, we have found that some companies focus just on price per kwh, neglecting the terms and conditions, and adversely affecting their strategic plans. RCE has excelled at addressing both issues effectively.

Sustainable Initiatives

With the ever-growing focus on energy production, consumption and efficiency in this country and indeed worldwide, RCE continues to explore new areas of customized solutions for its clients. Already well versed in the alternative energy delivery concerns, RCE has expanded its expertise in the areas of energy audits, efficiency, RECs (renewable energy credits), demand-response technology, CHP (combined heat and power) products and others. As the “green” movement continues, we are dedicated to maintaining our market-leading sustainability expertise in this sector and delivering the best solutions available to our clients.

Comittment to Customer Satisfaction

As a small business ourselves, we understand the need for superb customer support. We know that if you have a question on a bill or want to make changes to your account, you do not want to call a 1-800 number and wait on hold or leave a voicemail for someone to call you back. At RCE, you will have direct contacts to assist you with any questions you may have. We will make the necessary calls or emails to resolve your question or problem. They do the billing and we handle the customer service. This gives us a truly unbiased opinion as to which provider is best for you and allows our objectivity to remain focused on your needs.

Regardless of which combination of these areas of focus best fits your business, we have found that all will have at least some impact. Our value proposition rests on our proven success in helping clients determine their own needs in these areas and then delivering it consistently. Our retention and renewal rates speak for themselves. Our team looks forward to speaking to you.

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